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Review: Twin Blades

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Zombies, so many zombies…

Is there room for another zombie-riffic title in this already crowded landscape of mowing down the undead?

Twin Blades, ported over from iOS, puts you in control of Sister Angelika.  She carries a scythe, a gun, and… that’s it. Sister Angelika is tasked by Father Richiardo to go and dispatch the evil walking dead located around the town. The game boasts a survival and a story mode as well as local high scores. Survival is the typical wave after wave affair, where story mode allows you to pick and choose your battles on an overworld map, eventually leading to bosses.

Starting in Father Richiardo’s monestary, you work your way out around the town on a basic map system. Each level has a night and day mode, which tries to change things up ever so slightly. Each level follows the same formula; go right.  Once you go right far enough and kill enough zombies, the level ends. Each kill nets you a zombie heart that you can use as currency in Richiardo’s shop. This lets you buy special attacks with the scythe, guns, as well as overall buffs. These buyable techniques allow to change up gameplay somewhat, but you’ll find this one very repetitive.

Though you may or may not like the game’s anime motif, you can’t fault that its animation is superb. The backgrounds look really good but like the majority of this game, are repetitive. This is probably the biggest highlight of this title. I played this on my PS3 and it still looked good blown up. Sound is pretty forgettable on the other hand. Controls, be them responsive, are pretty bare bones. You use square for the scythe and triangle for the guns. Just like I said, it’s very repetitive, if not mindless. That of course is true up until you reach one of the bosses. These require you to be almost pitch-perfect against them, as they will severely damage you with a single hit.

At the end of the day, I wish there was a little more to this game. Its simplicity is its appeal as well as its drawback. It’s certainly a time-sink in an overcrowded genre.

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General Info

  • Repetitive
  • Boss Damaging
  • Banana Stand