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Review: Worms 2: Armageddon

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We’ve all played the classic artillery game Worms. Lots of wacky weapons, catchphrases, crazy level designs, etc etc. What’s this one bring to the table? Well… lots of the same old wacky weapons, catchphrases, and crazy level designs, etc etc.

I’ve always played worms on the PC, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like it on a console. For the most part, I had no problem adjusting, albeit I think I still feel like I can be a little more precise with a mouse and keyboard. Some of my PC only gamer buddies knocked it more than me, but after a couple multiplayer rounds, the only thing they were bitching about was losing.

The graphics are bright and cartoony, but nothing extravagant. I can’t really knock it, but I’m not applauding it either. Music on the other hand is a missed opportunity. Why am I not allowed a custom playlist? I’ve played this on PC for years with WMP on in the background. What really got to me was the SFX. Every time a worm takes its turn, it will say one of its one programmed catch phrase. Some of the comments seem like they…could…be funny, but after a round with a team of worms saying the same exact stupid high-pitched catchphrase everytime… “Well Just say hi, because hello is complicated enough.” I found myself muting the SFX after the first game. The only team I got a kick out of was Team Full Fat, and even that got old after awhile.

In terms of content, this game is packed. It has both local and online multiplayer, as well as online leaderboards. The game has a shop where you can spend your in game currency earned through single player to unlock customizables, like hats, gravestones, different landscapes, weapons (Yes you have to buy the banana bomb and holy hand grenade) and 5 bonus campaigns. If you’re in a Worms playing mood, this one is packed to keep you there for awhile. My biggest gripe…what’s new? This is literally the same game I played on Windows ME. Same assortment of weapons, same graphics, same gameplay. While Worms 2 Armageddon certainly isn’t anything new, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a good time.

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  • It’s the same old Worms.