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Review: The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character

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Awesome.  Need I say more?

2DAoROC begins with a bomb going off and scattering all of the baby octopi around the world.  It’s up to 2D Rotating Octopus Character to save the day!  The game is a two button mini in which you collect these scattered babies.  One button allows Octopus Character to jump, while the other button changes the direction he spins in.  While a simple mechanic, it takes time to master, and eventually you’ll be zipping your way around each screen with ease.

The graphics are bright and cheerful, with wonderful sprite-work.  The bizarre enemies add a great sense of humor.  Make sure you listen to the trailer to get a load of the tunes that are downright earworms.  Even when the game gets frustrating, these licks bring you back for another go.  “I can’t stay mad at you Octopus Character, you’re just too damn catchy.”

Levels are contained within worlds.  A major drawback to this title is that you must beat all the levels in a given world so as to save your game and advance.  Unlike something like angry birds where you can play a level or two and quit, Octopus Character demands you clear 10 in a row.  The game contains an adventure mode where you clear worlds (From the bus station to a sushi restaurant) and a challenge mode.  Challenge mode is a race against the clock to collect all of the baby octopi.  In order to advance a level in challenge mode, you must unlock bronze silver and gold medals for each course.  So for example you’ll beat a level in 14 seconds, then you must return and beat it in 10, and then finally in 7 seconds.   Practice makes perfect

Not a whole lot more needs to be said for this one.  It’s challenging and frustrating (especially when a failure in level 9 forces you to begin a world over again) but it is an overall excellent mini which I highly recommend.  Also, you can play the PSPgo with the slider screen shut, so there’s that too.

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General Info

  • Lack of in-world saving
  • Having to three star a challenge before advancing