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Review: That Trivia Game!

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I’m not the best trivia player out there but Thursday nights always prove to be a blast as we get a bunch of people together to go play at a local restaurant. Even a few years ago we used to play You Don’t Know Jack! just about every weekend for months. Whether your brain is an encyclopedia or not there’s just something fun about getting together with some friends and playing trivia. That Trivia Game! is the first trivia game available on PS4 but is it good enough to get a group of people together for a night of fun?

Once you start up the game you’re presented with the option to play alone or to play with friends. In single player you are matched up against a single AI opponent while multiplayer allows for up to four local players. Before the game begins you can choose a character, a color, a buzzer sound, and enter a name. A nice little touch I noticed is that the game will remember your choices when playing multiple games in a row.

Each game is split into four rounds that each play a little bit differently. The first round is just a basic multiple choice round in which each correct answer will earn you 250 points. After that round is over you’ll be able to wager 100, 250, 500, or 750 points on a random question. For whatever reason you can wager any number of points even if you don’t actually have that many. (So I could wager 750 points even if I currently have 500.) In the second round answers will be removed as the clock runs down and the points you receive will be determined by how quickly you choose the correct answer. The third round continues to reward more points for answering fast but instead doesn’t remove any of the possible answers.

If you’re familiar with the final round in You Don’t Know Jack! then you’ll immediately know how the last round in That Trivia Game! plays out. The answers to each question are presented for a couple seconds at random. When you see the correct answer whoever the first player to hit the X button is will receive 1000 points. However if you choose the wrong answer you’ll lose 1500 points.

Each game lasts a little over ten minutes and contains 25 different questions across four categories that you’ll choose at the beginning of each round. I’ve played quite a bit of the game so far and have yet to run into any duplicate questions. With 1000 different questions I could see it taking some time before I start seeing any sort of repeats.

If you’ve got a group of people and multiple controllers (you can use a Vita as well) I think That Trivia Game! might be something worth checking out. The presentation and voice of the host isn’t the greatest but the questions are solid. I think the trivia host is kind of scary looking but the celebratory animations that each character does when getting a question right are pretty funny. I do wish there was an option for online play though I do think most of the fun is being right next to people as the correct answer is revealed. At any rate it’s a solid trivia game and if you can get a group of people over fairly often it might be worth checking out.

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