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Review: Start The Party! Save The World

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There’s an elegant sense of glee to Start The Party! Save The World. It doesn’t do much in the way of a story, it certainly seems against any form of meaningful single player experience aside from the survival mode and the ability to practice every minigame it has to offer, and yet I found myself having far more enjoyment out of the game than the game itself had any right to contain.

Start The Party! Save The World’s ace in the hole is the way in which it uses the Move controller. Taking the feed directly from the PlayStation Eye, the game puts you directly into these strange environments ready to face the various challenges it’s going to throw at you. It certainly pummels you with insane objectives, from piloting a giant robot shooting lasers at flying saucers to getting deep sea divers out of tricky situations with a powerful magnet. The game tries its hardest to present its wide variety of minigames in as entertaining a way possible, but there have to be a couple that fall flat in any collection. In all honesty, I can only think of one in Start The Party! Save The World, which involves you drawing lines in order to stop cave men from falling off cliffs. The controls just weren’t explained clearly enough to stop it from becoming frustrating, with my poor little guys falling to their deaths more times than I can care to admit.

Of course, the game isn’t meant to be played solo in the slightest. In fact, there’s rather meager offerings for a single player. Where it all really comes to life is in the multiplayer. Taking it in turns to take on challenges, there’s a manic pace to everything that is just controlled enough to allow people to keep up with what the game is asking you to do. Me and my mates had a decent amount of fun playing the game, with a certain competitive atmosphere hanging around in our flat as we made our way through the various challenges.

Start The Party! Save The World is a heap of fun that deserves to be played with friends. With a solid bunch of people to have fun with, it quickly jumps up from a game you’ll want to play every now and then to improve your score to a game you’re going to have a hard time putting down. It’s fast, crazy and worth the modest asking price on PSN or retail. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

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General Info

  • If you're going to play it solo, there isn't much to do
  • Easy to get disoriented when you forget to flip your movements for certain games