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Review: Scene It? Movie Night

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Scene It? has gone through countless editions featuring a broad range of movies all the way to franchise specific versions like Harry Potter. It’s gone from DVD board game to many digital platforms and has now reached PSN. Scene It? Movie Night is a stripped down version of Scene It? with space for expansion clearly visible from the select screen. Despite being a little light on options the game still provides some fun with friends.

When setting up a game you have the option to choose different movie packs. For now there’s only one; Mega Movies. As mentioned before the game displays a handful of places for more packs to display but any details on when that’ll happen and at what price are currently unknown. Luckily this one pack does feature plenty of questions. After having played at around six to seven hours I still haven’t run into any repeat questions. For context each game takes around fifteen minutes so the lack of repeat questions at this point is pretty great. While playing alone is an option it’s one that you’ll not want to partake in for obvious reasons. Unfortunately without any online play you’ll have to resort to local multiplayer. It’s not that local multiplayer is bad it’s just that online would have really helped with the longevity of this.

Multiplayer plays out just as single player would but now players have the ability to buzz in to answer questions. As you play through each of the seven rounds you’ll play a different trivia mode to answer questions with the fastest answer awarding the most points. These modes include answering questions based off a movie clip, putting actors in order based upon a list of movies, recognizing a movie based off a child-like drawing and many more. There’s a little more than a dozen trivia styles each of which are rather enjoyable. Though personally my favorite was identifying movies based off an old school graphic image from a famous movie scene. In between rounds the announcer will make comments about your play style. He isn’t entirely annoying but sometimes he’ll say things that are incorrect. (Like making a comment about how well you’re doing just after you answer each question wrong.) The final round of each game gives a single clue in rapid succession as you have to match each clue with a movie title. This last round tends to be where the comebacks take place and, with the need to answer quickly, where most of the excitement happens.

With friends Scene It? Movie Night is a lot of fun. While a familiarity with movies will certainly help it’s easy to enjoy a game with friends no matter how well you do. Having yet to run into any repeat questions is nice but it usually didn’t take long to leave our group bored. Scene It? Movie Night has it’s moments of fun but it just unfortunately doesn’t last very long.

A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for review purposes. For more info on our review policy click here. This review is for the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

General Info

  • No online
  • One trivia pack
  • Game format starts to grow tiresome quickly.
  • Announcer’s comments don’t always reflect what actually happened