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Review: Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves

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This was one of the first games I played with my shiny new Playstation Move.  I’m glad it was, I had a great time.  Shame the experience didn’t last long..

LBP: Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves was first demoed when the Move was announced.  Now it’s finally here to hold us over until LBP 2 comes out this month.    Is it worth the 6 bones?  Upon starting the game, we find out that this is running on the LBP 1 engine, so this isn’t a sneak peak.  Though its the old stuff, I thought it was neat to see the whole thing as a little standalone pack.  Sackboy shows up in the oh-so-familiar game-pod after your partner in crime calibrates their move controller.  A bit of a downer, this game doesn’t interact with your LBP 1 save file, so I was unable to access my stickers and costumes (what a shame, I always loved playing as a shark).  Take control of the controller at the front of the pod and you’ll be greeted by the opening level created by Terrance Dactyl.  You’ve gotta love that LBP humor.  The game looks and sounds great.  Each level never ceases to be creative and striking.

When you and your partner(s) in crime begin, you’re show two videos.  One proclaims that this adventure is but a demo of what the move support can be for LBP, the other explains how the player with the move will help sackboy(s).  The interface is not unlike funky lab rat, with the player using the cursor to move glowing pink objects; blocks, platforms, obstacles, etc.  I had the opportunity to play as both sackboy (with none other than Chris K) and the move support player (with my usual NHL11 teammate).  Since we’re running the original engine, sackboy is old hat by now.  As always hes a little floaty and loose, but that’s LBP.   I was worried that the move player would act only as someone there to press a switch or something, but throughout the 10 or so levels, I found my responsibilities ever increasing.  I’d be controlling gears while sackboy ran across moving platforms, activating spring jumps and shielding him from falling objects.  The game doesn’t ever get too difficult, but LBP is always more about the experience than the challenge.

My buddy and I bested the game in about an hour.  Stickers and rewards are replaced with “special balloons” to collect throughout the level.  We got about half of them in our first playthrough.  Just like LBP1, there are unlockable bonus levels which are a fun jaunt.  There is a multitude of trophers to grab, but that’s only if you’re into that kind of thing.

I had a great time with this.  The move player’s intricate role surprised me and was a great time.  I must warn you guys though, this game will be included in LBP2, so if you’re intending on getting it in a few days, stick it out.  It is also free to Plus Members, which you guys oughta jump on.  If you’re not in either of those boats, you’re looking at 6bucks for a standalone hour long game.  It’s a great time, but a real shame it doesn’t talk with your LBP1 save.

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General Info

  • Short
  • Doesn’t access your LBP save file