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Review: Qlione Evolve

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Most games are formed on a solid idea, one that can last throughout the course of an entire game without becoming tired. Qlione starts off with an interesting idea, but faceplants at the first hurdle without even wanting to. The game’s core mechanic is so poorly done that I genuinely felt stupid playing it. I wondered for a while if I was playing the game wrong, but apparently not. What Qlione and it’s sequel do is take a mechanic that could perhaps have been interesting, and then proceed to make it more and more irritating to utilise throughout the course of gameplay

Qlione relies on a mechanic where you place bombs around a grid, and attempt to get the various enemies dotted around said grid to ram themselves into them. Or rather, get the various enemies within the range of the bomb’s shockwave. However, from what I could tell there wasn’t a shockwave to speak of, at least not a visible one. My experience with Qlione amounted to getting dangerously close to enemies, planting 6 bombs in their face, and then scampering quickly away so that I didn’t die, as the bombs come out of your creature’s only vulnerable point. Qlione 2 adds an evolution mechanic to the mix, and this honestly doesn’t help much, with the orbs dropped by fallen foes seemingly adding little in the way of new strategy. In fact, some of the evolutions felt less useful.

Qlione Evolve is a package of two quite frankly terrible games, neither of which deserve your hard earned cash. While they may look interesting, they are frustrating beyond belief, and unintelligible to the point of mockery.

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