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Review: Proteus

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Washed up on the shores
The island is strange and new
Is there an aim? Maybe


The island soon reveals its treasure
Hollowed trees and many more
You’re free to explore them at your leisure
Only move on when you’re sure
The aesthetic is simple but undoubtedly bold
The same can be said for the sound
Note that neither sticks to a predefined mold
With exploration it’s evident, just look around
Flora and fauna are the island’s residents
You’ll never catch them, however you try
Seriously, don’t. It sets a bad precedent
I spent an hour chasing a fly
Now that isn’t to say the chase won’t bear fruit
Rewards often come from the lesser seen route.


The secrets are plentiful here
I will not explain them
better to find


If you don’t enjoy Proteus, you’re totally not thick
A world so aimless is not ‘please to quick’
reverse those three words
this form is absurd
I’m sorry to have subjected you to so trite a gimmick

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  • If you hate things that seem aimless, stay far away