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Review: Pinball Heroes

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I wasn’t expecting much when I bought this game. I figured, “Hey a pinball game on PSP… yay.” I didn’t expect that I would become so addicted to “bowling” or “playing some golf”. I mostly think this has to do with how the ball moves on the table. It seems to be a little more controllable than in other pinball games. You can use the tilt to correct a shot so that you get a strike in bowling, or just to make sure you don’t lose the ball down the center. In other pinball games I feel that the tilt really never does much, and when it does you have locked your paddles by then. The in-game achievements brought me back to playing certain levels as well. I have been trying to bowl a perfect game in bowling now for a few days, no luck yet.

The game isn’t without its faults though. No really having any music while on the tables can be a drag. I mean there are a few clips from the games whenever you first load the table or launch a ball, but there is nothing that plays while you are actually playing. There are only two view modes in the game as well. Wide mode is what I used, but I wish it was zoomed out a little more. There is also Tall Mode, but in this mode the controls seemed off, tilting was reversed for some reason and I couldn’t really find a comfortable way to hold the PSP.

So if you are looking for a good game to play on your PSP be sure to check this out. Having the ability to check my scores versus my PSN friends will keep me coming back just so I can remain on top. With the amount of franchises Sony has, I am sure these four tables won’t be the last.

For more info on our review policy click here. This game was purchased for review purposes. This review is for the PlayStation Portable version of the game.

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General Info

  • Limited modes to view the tables while playing.
  • The controls for "Tall Mode" seem off, tilting seems switched. No good way hold the PSP.
  • There is a lot of flickering when going online to update scores.
  • No in-game music while playing.