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Review: OMG-Z

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I really appreciate OMG-Z. I expected just another zombie game but what I got was actually something quite different. A game that provides a strategic approach at killing zombies rather than the usual mindless zombie slaughter. It’s unique, packed with content, and fits quite well as a Minis title.

Each level in OMG-Z pits you against a new wave of zombies and a limited supply of ammo. Zombies come in multiple types each leading to a different style of death. Some zombies explode, some melt into an acidic pool and others fire off a few bullets before falling to the ground. All of this feeds into the core mechanic of the game which is to create a chain reaction of zombie deaths. It’s sometimes a bit too reliant on luck but for the most part I felt like it took a watchful eye and plenty of skill to succeed. Watching a wave of zombie blood explode across each stage never gets old.

I did initially have an issue identifying zombie types but the game allows you to ‘colorize’ each type which immediately solved that problem. This is done by simply holding down the R1 button. Each zombie type has a corresponding color in which they’ll glow making this the single most important feature of the game.

Once the ammo supply runs out the level ends and you’re awarded a medal depending on how many zombies remain. Medals include Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum each of which give out a set amount of money that can be used for upgrades.

The upgrade system in the game allows for upgrades to your bullet count as well as increasing the effectiveness of each zombie’s death. Upgrading works as needed and, unless returning to previous levels, you’ll never really feel overpowered. That being said I found that I had to consistently return to previous levels and grind money for better upgrades before progressing. I’m usually okay with being forced to grind for experience/money in games but in the situation of OMG-Z it just got tiresome. Though for people who need to get a platinum in every level this won’t prove to be an issue at all.

It’s truly refreshing to see a developer take a different approach with their zombie game. It’s fun to look at things with a strategic eye and achieving long chain reactions is always rewarding. With each level lasting no more than a few minutes it’s perfect for playing in short bursts and with eighty one levels it’s certainly built to last.

If you’re itching for something new in the zombie genre and don’t mind grinding for money then you should totally check out OMG-Z.

A copy of this game was purchased for review purposes. For more info on our review policy click here. This review is for the PlayStation Portable version of the game.

General Info

  • Grinding money for upgrades
  • Sometimes felt more reliant on luck than skill