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Review: Nyko PS4 Charge Base

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I have had my Nyko PS4 Charge Base for a little over two weeks and am extremely pleased with it. Its sleek styling and outlet anchoring allow me to keep two of my DualShock 4 controllers consistently charged… with panache. The base retails for about $30, but you can find it around the web for $25. If you’re in the market for an inexpensive fix to your dying Dualshocks, read on.

When I first received it, I realized that the packaging requires a bit of fanagling to open. However, it’s not nearly as horrific an experience as the hard plastic mortal combat that ensues with some products. The one thing to look for when opening the packaging is the small white box, which is tucked underneath the major cardboard portion. This contains the two controller dongles. Without them, the base charger won’t work. What first struck me is that the base itself doesn’t feel cheap. It has the same black sheen finish as the PS4, which is great if you intend on setting it up near the console. I opted to plug it in near my couch so I can pick up and play without having to make a pitstop at the system. The cord’s length is short enough (~ 29inches) that the inconspicuous decorator can nestle it behind a couch, for instance. It’s simultaneously long enough to not have to be immediately proximal to an outlet. Once plugged in, I placed my controllers onto the base and was pleasantly greeted by the Nyko logo and a couple of controller icons. The base won’t overcharge controllers, and the icons disappear from the front when a controller is fully charged. It’s also worth noting that the tiny dongle doesn’t weigh down the controller or impede upon comfort in any way.

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Considering a new PS4 charger cord goes from around $7 to $10, this charge base is a decent deal at $29.99. The fact that it plugs into a wall outlet grants it the power of separation from your PS4 console, which essentially maintains the wireless aspect of your DualShock 4s. I killed one of my controllers then dropped it on the charger to see how long a full charge takes. You’re looking at around 3-4 hours from dead to full power.

The only con I’ve encountered with the base so far is that sometimes the clips don’t quite make contact with the dongles. In these few cases, I had to pick the controller up and place it down again. The glowing light bar and the nifty Nyko logo clearly depict if the controller is charging. If not, jostle it a bit. This isn’t a deal-breaker in my opinion. If it keeps up or degrades any more during future use, I’ll be sure to update this review. Unless that happens, though, I recommend the base station to anyone who sits farther than 1 foot from your console.

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  • Dongle sometimes misses contact with station