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Review: Move Mind Benders

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Reviewing a compilation is an interesting concept. Do you go for a review of the package as a whole, or tackle each individual game before arriving at a conclusion? I imagine music reviewers face the same problem with greatest hits albums. Of course, there’s always the opportunity to complain about the track list there. Some songs are bigger hits than others. So, I suppose the answer lies somewhere in the middle. With that out of the way, Move Mind Benders. They certainly got the name right, as this is certainly a collection of games designed to test and flummox your pretty little head. The degree to which they do that is of course up to you.

The games in the package represent some of the best games the Move has to offer, with regards to first party offerings. Tumble is a puzzle game masquerading as a tech demo. If you can make it past the game’s rather spartan decoration, you’ll find a game that perfectly shows off the Move hardware. The controller picks up every little twist and turn wonderfully, and some of the challenges in the game require a steady hand indeed. echochrome 2 is quite the opposite, with a wonderful visual style that puts you in control of what is effectively a puppet show directed by Escher. The move becomes a torch, illuminating the landscape in ways that cause it to change shape entirely, helping your little mannequin reach his goal through a wide array of levels. You can also create your own and share them with friends.

If those two are the known quantities, then it was Lemmings I was most concerned for. A game with retrofitted motion controls is rarely a good idea, but when that game originally had you controlling proceedings with a pointer anyway, a more precise pointer is never a bad idea. Lemmings’ new controls improve on the original in every conceivable way, offering far more precision in a game that warrants it. Of course, my save data from the game didn’t carry over into the new version, so I was stuck back at the beginning again. The controls are an excellent addition to this PSN founding father though.

Move Mind Benders is a compilation that serves its purpose. It says that it’s going to provide some puzzles, and provide it does. It’s a good compilation, and if you have a fear of downloadable games, I suggest you pick it up.

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  • As a compilation? Nothing. Each individual game has its own flaws though.