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Review: Flying Hamster HD

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Flying Hamster originally came released on the Minis platform a few years back and immediately captured me with my love of cartoon hamsters, shmups, and of course… penguins. In all seriousness Flying Hamster was one of my top Minis games and transitions to the Vita perfectly. The difference now of course is that it looks MUCH nicer, has four different controls modes, two leaderboards, and of course comes with plenty of trophies to unlock.

If haven’t played Flying Hamster before the game starts off with your hamster girlfriend being kidnapped which results in you strapping on some flying gear and taking to the skies. From there each level features completely unique backdrops and some of the most random enemies you’ll encounter in a game. We’re talking super hero cats, Egyptian penguins, flying hens that lay egg bombs, and many more. I know our crew at PSNStores hate the word charming but it’s hard not to fall for Flying Hamster’s style.

The game itself plays just as you’d expect a shmup to play. You have a basic attack which you can charge up to do more damage and a handful of special weapon pickups that’ll help you take down some of the game’s tougher enemies. You’ll have homing bees, root beer, fire balls, boomerang bananas and more. Each weapon is unique and offers its very own special power-up that can either serve as a shield or a much more devastating attack. Some of these weapons you’ll even need to deal out enough damage to open up a secret stage that’ll definitely put your skills to the test.

Something that I really like about Flying Hamster is what it does with trophies. Most games don’t really use trophies in any meaningful way beyond requirements to unlock them. Flying Hamster takes your trophies and applies them to credits in the game. You’ll start out with a few credits to use if you get a game over and, with each trophy earned, you’ll get another credit. Flying Hamster is actually pretty difficult even on normal difficulty so I found myself absolutely needing those credits. I love that you’re actually rewarded in the game for unlocking trophies. More games should do things like this.

Flying Hamster offers a hard mode once you finish the game and continues to be just as fun as it was on Minis. It’s not doing anything new as far as the genre goes but Flying Hamster has a lot of style and just some really fun gameplay going for it. It’s yet another great game for the Vita that people should totally check out. Especially with how inexpensive it is.

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  • Not much I dislike about this one