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Review: Die!Die!Die!

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I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into Die!Die!Die!. I also didn’t know it would give me this much fun. Die!Die!Die! is a medical shooter that has you protecting a man’s body from viruses, bacteria, and diseases. While it’s just a simple concept, and stays the same pretty much all throughout, I had fun during every level.

Die!Die!Die! starts you off with no explanation other than that you are the immunological system, and you have to fix up and protect this guy’s body. There are three areas you have to protect: the veins, intestines, and the brain. Every area has its own enemies, but they are all pretty much the same. You have your tough enemy, your speedy enemy, and your all-around enemy. While they were the same on the inside, the look of the characters on the outside was pretty cool.

Let’s get on to how you will be cleansing the bacteria out of this guy’s body. You are given a gun and some drugs, and you have to shoot them at the bacteria. This is done with just the left stick and the cross button, or all on the touchscreen. Both control schemes worked great, and I found myself contemplating which one to use on every level. You control a reticle, and launch little drug grenades at the onslaught of enemies. Holding down the cross button or touchscreen longer will make a grenade with a larger blast radius. Holding the button for a shorter time will have an opposite effect. Simple and functional.

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Die!Die!Die! packs a lot of content, including a campaign mode with three difficulties, a survival mode, and a local hotseat mode. The campaign’s three difficulties range from easy to hard, and that is where one of my few problems with the game comes in. Whether playing on Fresh Blood or Immune Badass, the difficulty felt too easy. I blew through even most of the later levels without a problem. I kind of hoped the game could have given me more of a challenge. The survival mode is exactly like the campaign mode. There are the three difficulties, and the three zones. The only difference was that the waves were endless, until you let too many microbes pass. The hotseat mode is exactly like the campaign, but after you finish a level, you hand it off to a friend to see if he can beat your score. I didn’t feel this mode was completely necessary, and felt the time could be better delegated to an online leaderboard of some sort, because the game does put an emphasis on points.

The game is well pieced together with the visuals and soundtrack. The art style was great, as all the colors were very vibrant, and everything looks very nice. However, the HUD during the game is pretty sloppy. While nothing is fundamentally wrong with it, they used a basic text, and it just came off to me as a bit lazy. I wish they could have at least used a font, preferably the one used in the rest of the menus, as it would have fit the game better than just a basic text. The soundtrack is nothing special, but it did have me whistling it around my house a few times. It just fit pretty well with the game.

Die!Die!Die! is more like Fun!Fun!Fun!. It’s a good medical defense game, and keeps it simple with the controls, which is a big plus. There’s plenty of content to keep you interested for a while, and it stays fun pretty much all the way through. While I found it was a bit too easy, and that the HUD was a bit sloppy, they were only minor gripes. Die!Die!Die! is a good investment for a Vita owner, and a great game overall.

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  • A bit too easy.
  • Sloppy HUD.