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Review: Back to the Future Episode 4 – Double Visions

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As we hurtle towards the inevitable conclusion of the Series, we find ourselves hopping between two time periods in a single episode. Starting in the alternate 1986, and then back to 1931. However, whilst this may sound like a classic way of reusing assets, Telltale manages to craft a wonderful narrative throughout the episode that keeps the player moving from location to location, with very little dead time. The story really feels like it’s thundering towards a climax, and with the cliffhanger at the end, I’m extremely excited to see where it goes. This wouldn’t be a review of a Telltale game without mentioning how stellar the writing and dialogue is in this episode, so I’ll make this brief. I haven’t genuinely felt guilty about my actions in a game since Heavy Rain, so imagine my surprise when I felt like absolute scum at the conclusion of the second act of this episode. Telltale has really set the stage here for a grand finale, and I can’t wait to see the sparks fly.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Telltale game without what seems to their traditional structure of opening with a set piece, having the player perform a variety of tasks as a means to an end in the second act, whilst closing it out with another set piece. However, I didn’t notice it as much here as I did in previous episodes, which is quite telling of the pace of this episode. It really crams a lot of stuff into its running time, throwing new tasks at the player every chance it gets. However, one puzzle is extremely frustrating, if only due to the fact that it involves far too much legwork for something so simple. When you get to it, you’ll know which one I mean.

Double Visions has me incredibly pumped for the season finale, with Telltale crafting a narrative that really lays on the pace, with puzzles that flow well in to each other. The end of the episode really has me interested in seeing the conclusion of the series, as Episode 4 sets up a great villain for Marty to face off against. It feels like Telltale has figured out what makes Back to the Future so special, and run with it all the way in this episode.

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  • Traditional Telltale puzzle structure remains, though I’m beginning to get the feeling that it’s unavoidable.
  • The personality puzzle.