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Review: Alien Zombie Megadeath

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I need to make up new swear words, as the ones I have at the moment clearly aren’t good enough to make me feel any better at dying over and over again in Alien Zombie Megadeath. PomPom Games have created a side scrolling shooter so devilishly difficult, that it goes back in on itself and becomes addictive. It’s evil, fiendishly so even, but ever so endearing at the same time. It really is an absolute blast to play, and I recommend it for anybody looking for that punishing retro flavor, wrapped in a colorful exterior. It really is a great expansion on the formula the minis version laid down a while back, adding new modes, better graphics, and online multiplayer to the mix.

The premise is simple. Alien Zombies must die, Space Babies must be saved, and out of control nuclear stuff must be safely disposed of. These core concepts form most of the game’s levels, of which there are a great many. There really is a great amount of content in Alien Zombie Megadeath, and I’d by lying if I said I experienced all of it in my time with the game. Combining the bonus levels, fiendish difficulty, and my temperament, it’s safe to say that I missed out on a lot of stuff through my own inability alone! This really is a game that you can pick up though every now and then, and play a level or two before putting it away until you next feel the urge to punish yourself.

The game does a good job of looking appetizing though, with bright and colorful enemies animating across the screen towards you of various shapes and sizes, along with a pumping techno soundtrack to underpin the action. Custom soundtracks are also supported, which is an absolute godsend. I ended up blasting away aliens to a bit of Genesis, which always makes things less frustrating. The action never falters in the slightest, even with dozens of enemies on the screen at once. There’s also a multiplayer mode, which was good fun, when I could find a game. The multiplayer is strictly a co-operative affair, which certainly lessens the load the levels place on you. It even supports local play, which is wonderful.

While it may at times take to bending you over its knee and giving you a good beating, Alien Zombie Megadeath really is a game oozing with personality, and a damn fun one at that. It’ll kick you all over the place, but you’ll keep coming back like the glutton for punishment that you are. It really is good fun.

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  • Hard to the point of nonsense. As in, it is nonsensically hard.