PSN Power Rankings

Each month the editors of PSNStores huddle around the Skype campfire light and bicker about what are the best games released on PSN. The lists below include only titles that have been released this year and can be from any region that has a PlayStation Store. To listen to the episode that decided the list below, click here.

If you think our list sucks, leave a comment or email podcast@psnstores.com with what you think are the best games of 2012.




  • huicho619

    I am a minis gamer. And I have to say, that is a very good list. Even though I don’t have Nom Nation on my PSP, I have played Nom Nation on there website. To bad the game is not available in North America. Anyways, the other games are great. Velocity is a beautiful game.

    • Maggard

      Please note by each game its availability locations. Perhaps even include the cost at that PSN Store at last update.

  • Maggard

    I would enjoy seeing this expanded to Top Ten, a list for each year and one for all time. Another list to help in our purchasing decision-making is the Top Disappointments: the games just not worth the time nor money.
    Perhaps that brings up a third list style; the best value games. These aren’t your greatest games but those which give so much for the cost, you ned to kepthem on the radar for purchase. Please don’t just consider the length, but reply value or unique style for example.