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PSVR Impressions: Gary the Gull

Posted by on January 10th, 2017 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

Gary the Gull isn’t really a game or even an application. It’s an extremely short interaction between you and a seagull named Gary. The short experience can be played without a controller or with two Move controllers. I tried both, but the better experience is just playing without a controller, as you’ll use you head movements to answer “yes” or “no” to Gary. With Move controllers you can pick up items and throw them, or draw lines in the sand. The tracking of my hands didn’t work well at all, and overall left a feeling of disappointment after trying to fumble around with the Move controllers.

Perhaps the best part of Gary the Gull is the writing and performance of Gary and a fellow crab character that shows up. The banter between the two is the best part of the experience. I could even see this becoming an actual series if the writing and performances could stay strong throughout. I’d love to see another episode or even a full hour or two hour experience with you, the player, interacting with Gary.

Interacting with Gary is done by moving your head up and down or left and right to answer his various questions. The microphone is used, but I think it only just picks up audio when you speak, as Gary doesn’t repeat or acknowledge anything that you have just said. Even when Gary asks a simple yes or no question, the head movements don’t seem to be picked up half the time, as I have to stop and try again.

Once the short interaction with Gary is over, the encounter repeats itself, allowing you to respond differently to other questions, or just not even respond at all. I really enjoyed the writing and performance and I think it’s worth trying, just for that alone. I’d be happy if more “episodes” of Gary the Gull were to be released. Just don’t play with the Move controllers.