PlayStation Store Update: December 6th 2016 – The Last Guardian

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Here is your weekly look at what is out on the PlayStation Store. Listed below are the demos and games for this week. This post will get updated throughout the week. If you don’t see a link next to the game, it is not live on the store.

Disclaimer: Links will be posted before PS+ discounts are applied.

Upcoming games can be seen here!

Updates: Tuesday
Full content for the week can be found here

PS4 Games
3on3 Freestyle – Free (1.4GB)
Arcade Archives Neo Geo Samurai Shodown (12/8)
Ark: Survivor’s Pack – $54.99 (14.6GB)
Flying Bunny (12/8)
The Last Guardian – $59.99 (11.8GB)
Nubla – $11.49 (1.5GB)
Space Overlords – $7.99 (1.3GB)

PS2 on PS4
Red Faction – $14.99 (1.3GB)

PSVR Games
Werewolves Within – $29.99 (1.4GB)

PS Vita Games
#killallzombies – $4.99 (74MB)
Demetrios – The Big Cynical Adventure – $9.99 (161MB)
Space Overlords – $7.99

Updates: Wednesday
Games released on the European store are subject to regional availability.
Full content for the week can be found here

PS4 Games
Slain: Back from Hell
Ark: Survival Evolved (Survivor’s Pack)
The World of Nubla
Space Overlords
RWBY: Grimm Eclipse
The Last Guardian (December 7th)
Last Wings (December 7th)
Mekazoo (December 7th)
Arcade Archives: Samurai Shodown (December 8th)
Adam’s Venture: Origins (December 9th)

PSVR Games
Werewolves Within

Vita Games
Slain: Back from Hell
Demetrios The BIG Cynical Adventure
Space Overlords
Killallzombies (December 7th)
Last Wings (December 7th)