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Impressions: Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 7: Access Denied

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After exiting the previous world our heroes found themselves back in an endless hallway of portals that lead to other worlds. The problem is that they aren’t sure which portal leads them home, so it is trial and error for our heroes. One such portal our heroes enter leads them into a world controlled by a super-computer named PAMA. PAMA has enslaved humanity and is forcing them to work using a redstone chip installed on the back of the citizen’s heads.

This cast in this episode is much smaller than that of A Portal to Mystery. PAMA and a mysterious individual that is trying to aid you are the only new characters in Access Denied. PAMA is trying to track you down and it is a game of cat and mouse for the most part. PAMA has a lot of resources at her disposal and at times she will do whatever is necessary to track you down. We quickly find that PAMA’s goals aren’t just to be a leader of the current world, she wants to find a portal to other worlds and control the inhabitants there as well.

Access Denied is your standard fare of mechanics from Minecraft Story Mode. It incorporates each mechanic the game has used so far, and even though there aren’t any new mechanics introduced, the overall experience has complemented what you have learned so far. Plans are created by the characters and PAMA responds with plans of her own. It is an interesting fight of this back and forth nature that keeps the tension high. At times PAMA will have the upper hand, and other times you’ll have the advantage. The sentient PAMA is definitely the star of the episode, as the computer will crack jokes and offer criticism that almost feels that it was inspired by GLaDOS from Portal.

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 7 ends with quite a revelation, and it sets up an exciting season finale that seems to bring all of the episodes together in one conclusion. I’ve been enjoying the Adventure Pass much more than the original Season Pass the game launched with, but seeing it all come together in the final episode should be exciting. It looks like this will be the last, final push for our characters, let’s see if it comes together.

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