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Impressions: Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery

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A Portal to Mystery begins the Adventure Pass for Minecraft Story Mode, and takes place after the cliffhanger events of Order Up!. Our heroes find themselves in a new, mysterious world that looks similar to their world, but realize it’s not. Very early in the episode, the cast finds a book that includes an invitation to a mansion that is surrounded by zombies. Once they find themselves in the mansion, the real mystery begins.

Our heroes think they are alone in this new place of mystery, but they are quickly greeted by numerous other characters who may seem familiar if you follow the Minecraft community. A few of the new characters (who are also voiced by themselves) are: Stacy Plays, CaptainSparklez, DanTDM and LDShadowLady. I was not familiar with any of these community members, but they turned out to be some of the most popular members I discovered after I looked it up. They each play their own characters created for the Minecraft with one caveat, none of their performances are all that memorable. Most of the performances aren’t special and it makes me think that the actors were just going through their lines and not given much backstory to who their character is. It is very cut and dried dialogue. However, the original cast is as good as ever.

What makes A Portal to Mystery different from the other episodes is that the setup is a murder mystery. Quickly after getting acquainted with the other characters, one of them has an unfortunate death, leading to fingers being pointed to who is responsible for that character’s death. Slowly but surely, more deaths happen in the mansion and the new and old cast members may be responsible. The game almost feels like a shortened version of another Telltale series, The Wolf Among Us. Toward the end of the episode, you’ll need to use actual detective skills, piecing together dialogue options and selecting clues to catch who or what is causing the murders.

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 6 is a breath of fresh air for the series and may be one of the best. The episode stands out because of the murder mystery setup changes and how the normal episodes have played out. Currently there are only two episodes left in Minecraft Story Mode, and while I don’t think the setup will change as much as it did in this one, I’m excited to see what new stories will come for our new cast of characters.

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