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Impressions: Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place

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Episode 4 of Minecraft: Story Mode acts as somewhat of a conclusion of the current story problems at hand. It doesn’t introduce anything new, but acts as a satisfying penultimate episode to the season. It includes some of the best parts of Minecraft: Story Mode so far, which in turn makes it a worthwhile episode.

A Block and a Hard Place features more exploration and puzzle solving than in perhaps the entire season so far. There are multiple areas that are available to walk around and search for clues and extra dialogue options. With more exploration, comes puzzle solving. Several puzzles are spread throughout the two-hour episode, with some puzzles offering little challenge, while others take some thought into solving the mysteries of the world.

In terms of story, A Block and a Hard Place offers a lot of backstory and feels like it’s the episode we’ve been waiting for. Your perception of some characters may change after learning some of the backstories. It’s an episode of revelations for almost all of the characters. Depending on choices, some characters will either leave or stay in your party, adding to its replay value. The writing is strong here, but some lines can fall flat.

I found this episode to be very enjoyable and I anticipating the final episode.