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Impressions: Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 3: The Last Place You Look

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Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 picks up after the lackluster Episode 2 in grand fashion. The newest episode may not offer that much in terms of variety, but brings back some of the better moments from Episode 1. Quick building segments return and so does the crafting. Dialogue is as heavy as ever. Trying to continue relationships are a major part of the game, and sometimes you need to make sacrifices.

The opening moments of the episode is one of the highlights. It is very quick-time event heavy, but it is a stressful moment that makes you feel accomplished at the same time. Our characters are lost, and most of the episode finds them trying to find an individual and escape multiple unknown areas. Some story threads are resolved, while some new ones appear. Relationships between the characters are tough in this episode. One moment you’ll defend a friend, and the next second you’ll go against them. You’ll be trying to decide if you want to upset your friend, or do what is right.

Throughout The Last Place You Look, there is some light puzzle solving. Nothing is too complicated, as you will just be finding and hitting 3 switches, or looking at a picture to solve a puzzle. For younger audiences, it works fine. For seasoned gamers, they may feel a little let down when they see the puzzles as more of a trudge to just get through, than a challenge. If you are looking to explore and walk around some new areas, you’ll be disappointed. There are only a few things to look at in each area, and other than catching up with some other characters, not much stands in your way of progressing.

The Last Place You Look is a pleasant surprise from the short and dull Assembly Required. It is considerably longer, and offers more story and gameplay segments. It ends with another cliffhanger, which most episodes do, but it feels like a complete episode. It puts Minecraft: Story Mode back on track and has me excited to see what is next in Episode 4.