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Impressions: Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 2: Assembly Required

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Assembly Required may be the shortest episodic episode I’ve ever played, let alone a Telltale game. I completed the second episode of Minecraft: Story Mode in 55 minutes. It is a very linear episode, with little opportunities to walk around and explore.

Episode 1 ended with a decision that seemed to perhaps change the outlook of the entire season. The beginning of the episode does change depending on your choice in episode 1, but it’s just a minor detour in the grand scheme of things. There may be a few different dialogue choices, but after the first 25 minutes or so in the episode, not much changes. You still end up in the same spot regardless of your decision in episode 1. It is a little disappointing to see that the characters tend to end up in the same situations, just with some different dialogue choices.

Other decisions will impact the game in the short term, but all of the characters end up in the same spot regardless. There are very few puzzles as well, with only one standing out in memory. It happens early in the episode, and after that, not much happens in terms of gameplay. The rest of the episode offers a lot of dialogue and a plethora of quick-time events, by then, it’s over before you know it.

I was surprised the episode was over so quickly, and it felt like nothing happened compared to The Order of the Stone. It felt like I played half of an episode, and am still waiting for the other half. With a good first episode that laid a solid foundation, it’s disappointing to see that we are 40% through the season, and nothing substantial has happened so far.