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Impressions: Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 1: The Order of the Stone

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Minecraft: Story Mode rarely deviates from the normal Telltale formula. Character development, time-limited choices, and quick-time events are all prevalent here. It comes off as a “by the numbers” Telltale game, but it adapts to the Minecraft universe with good effect.

The game begins with the player choosing from one of six character presets to play as the protagonist, Jesse. Three male, three female. Jesse is accompanied by his/her pet pig Reuben, and friends Olivia and Axel. Along the way you’ll meet other characters with whom you’ll begin to build relationships. As in Telltale fashion, characters will remember what you say to them and will impact the story later on.

After sections of multiple dialogue choices, you’ll be allowed to walk around an area and search for clues. Compared to other adventure games, there aren’t really that many things to go and explore. You are only given the option to look at a few objects and it’s very clear which one is needed to be selected to progress the story, leading to some more dialogue or quick-time event sections. Occasionally, there will be some building sections, and these are definitely a highlight. Gameplay wise, these aren’t exciting, as it just comes down to press X as fast as you can. However on screen, the characters will build a building or statue in record time, almost like a time-lapse video. All of the scenery created could be created in the Minecraft world, and this leads into the crafting. Throughout the journey you’ll be collecting different crafting materials and then, at some points in the story, you’ll have to craft a new item using the materials you’ve gathered. This is the Minecraft spin on the Telltale adventure game, and it works great. Crafting is simple and you are given a few recipes to craft what you would like.

Overall, I enjoyed the first episode, but it didn’t blow me away. Aside from the crafting and time-lapse building section, this is what you would expect a Telltale game to be in the Minecraft universe. Although I’ve only played Episode 1, I feel like I know these characters, and am excited to see where the story goes.