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Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Minion Training Videos

Posted by on August 16th, 2015 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

As Overlord: Fellowship of Evil creeps ever-closer to releasing on PS4, the funny folks over at Codemasters are releasing minion training videos. The videos give a good sense of how the game is played.

The first video shows gameplay similar to the first Overlord game, a Pikmin for the older audience affair. It also teases the fact that this time around, Overlord will feature coompetitive multiplayer.

The second video focuses on the multiplater aspects of the game. Playing the game solo is fine, but it supports up to four players online or off.

I actually just got lost reading the divisive comments on those YouTube videos (something I don’t usually do). I’m surprised the game is garnering so much hate, but I suppose it’s mostly from hardcore Overlord fans who are champing for a proper sequel in a well-liked series. I’m cool with this release, though, and hope it’s as funny and entertaining as it seems to be based on the PR.

Anyone hankering for some Overlord?