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Wayward Sky Coming to Project Morpheus

Posted by on June 17th, 2015 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

Uber Entertainment has announced that their “look and click VR adventure game”, Wayward Sky, will be coming to Project Morpheus.

Wayward Sky has players controlling Bess, a young co-pilot who is on a journey with her father. They crash into a mysterious fortress that appears from the clouds. Your father is kidnapped and you set out to explore the fortress.

When guiding Bess around the area, you point with your head and press an action button to make her move to that location. The game switches between a third-person view for movement and a first-person view as Bess interacts with puzzles.

Uber Entertainment’s goal was to make a game that shows off the power of VR and at the same time, make a game accessible for first time Morpheus players.

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(Source: PS Blog)