Quick Impressions of Oh, Deer! Alpha. One of the last PlayStation Mobile games.

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Update: The final day to purchase PlayStation Mobile content is September 10th and NOT July 15th as I previously stated.

*1 Users may be able to continue purchasing PSM content between July 15, 2015 and September 10, 2015 via browser.

The sun is setting on PlayStation Mobile and with it we’re seeing the last few releases on the platform. One of the final releases comes in the form of Oh, Deer! Alpha. In the game you’ll drive, drift, and hit/avoid as many deer as possible while on your way to Grandma’s House. It’s something, just from looking at it, that immediately puts me in the mind of the Outrun games I played growing up.

It should be stated that Oh, Deer! Alpha, as the name implies, isn’t a full game. Oh, Deer! Alpha is releasing before PSM closes to give people a chance to check the game out and offer feedback. (Essentially it’s sort of like early access.) For $0.49 you’re getting a sampling of what to expect from the future of Oh, Deer! and what’s there is pretty fun. It’s very easy to get a handle on the controls and drifting around turns, while slamming into a long line of deer, feels great. Right now the music changes to reflect how you view the lives of innocent deer, but in the future the background will completely change as well. You can read some more details on changes to come in the developer’s forums here.

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In this alpha version of the game your progression leads into a handful of different locations with backgrounds featuring pyramids, castles, waterfalls, and some other cool scenery that I’ll let people discover on their own. Each area looks great especially on the Vita’s screen. It’s also probably worth noting that Motohiro Kawashima (Streets of Rage 3) created the soundtrack for the game.

In my first complete playthrough (getting all the way to Grandma’s House without running out of gas) I hit 39 deers and avoided 627. That’s 627 deers that can still roam free! For $0.49 you can’t go wrong here, but keep in mind that you don’t have much time left. July 15th is the last chance to purchase PlayStation Mobile games. (September 10th is the last chance to download games you’ve purchased.)

We’ll likely have more thoughts on the game in our next podcast which will be followed by a Dev Chat with the developer next week.

  • Devin Hudson

    Have they said anything about how the final version will be released? I assume PSM games will no longer be able to be updated after it shuts down, so does that mean they’re working on a native PSN version? I’m kinda wary about buying anymore PSM games after hearing how easy it is to lose access to them (apparently even doing things like switching memory cards means you won’t be able to play them any longer), so if this is coming to PSN proper then I’ll just wait for that version.

    • Freelance

      “(apparently even doing things like switching memory cards means you won’t be able to play them any longer)”

      What does that mean? I have 3 memory cards (4, 8 and 16) that I switch around sometimes. Once I switch, I can’t play my PSM games anymore?

    • Devin Hudson

      I’ve read that anything that resets your database will make you lose your PSM activation, including switching memory cards or defaulting your system’s settings. I’m sure someone will find out for sure once the end date rolls around (maybe even you 😉 ).

      Most of the good PSM games came out way earlier in the service’s lifespan, so if they were getting native versions we probably would have heard about them by now. I’m just glad that the Quiet games will be released as a collection on PSN, since they were among my favorite games on PSM.

    • PSPenguin

      Wow, I didn’t realize that potential aspect of losing your PSM games. That’s really crappy…especially from the angle of there being quite a few games that will just be gone forever. Reminds me of my anxiety that my PS4 will one day die and I’ll lose PT…ugh.

      I’m assuming you’re referencing this: http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Mobile-Support/Rebuilding-Database-on-Vita-Deactivates-PSM/td-p/45237602 So yeah that sucks. I’d like to think there’s a better way to handle this or some sort of way to let people backup these games just in case, but maybe that’s asking too much with the way PSM was handled.

      As for Oh Deer I don’t think anything is officially planned, but from my understanding the feedback from this will influence that decision. This was planned as a full PSM game, but with PSM closing it kind of forced their hand to put something out before the deadline.

      Anyways I’ll add a correction in the post, but it seems that Sept 10th is the last day to make purchases and not July 15th.

    • Devin Hudson

      Yeah, it seems insane to me that they’re making it so easy for people to lose their PSM games. I had planned on doing one last hurrah and buy a bunch of games I was interested in before it closed down, but after hearing about that I decided not to bother. I’d rather just concentrate on finishing the ones I have before some inevitable accident comes and wipes them all out.

      That sucks to hear about Oh Deer. It seems like it could have been the last great PSM game, so it’s unfortunate they had to end up rushing just to get anything out. I really do hope they’re able to find a bigger audience for the game because it does look really good.

    • Freelance

      You never made the correction.

    • Freelance

      I really hope that’s not true ’cause if it is, then that’s a really, really, really, stupid, mean, dumb, awful. idea. especially considering I’ve just bought a bunch of PSM games that I wanted, but never got, before its closure. If they’re going to disappear -just like that-, based on what you’ve said, then I probably wouldn’t have bothered. That’s some games right down the drain.