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Support PSNStores Podcast on Patreon

Posted by on May 5th, 2015 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

Hello everyone! The PSNStores Podcats are opening up our own Patreon page that, if you’d like, will let listeners support the show. Below is a full summary of what we’re hoping this Patreon will let us do in regards to growing the podcast. In short we’d like to get better recording equipment for better sound quality and purchase more copies of a game so that each person can have input in a discussion. We’d like to do more podcasts like our Journey cast.

WE ARE FOCUSED ON PLAYSTATION NETWORK GAMES. Throw in some tangential rants about Amiibos and alien conspiracies, and we’re the best source for PlayStation Network content.

The PSNStores Podcats are a small outfit – we’re a pack of strays with full time jobs who make extra time to pursue their passion towards the art of gaming.

We spotlight developers who are just getting their foot in the door. Many of the developers who interview on our podcast are releasing their first game(s) on the PlayStation Network. We’ve talked with Capybara Games, Firehose Games, and Phantom Compass to name a few.

We’re ad-free, so we get $0 revenue from the podcast. Don’t care about audiobooks or website creation tools? Neither do we. We care about gaming. That being said, it takes time to make these things – hours of recording then hours of editing. The simple math is that we make $0/hr to schedule, record, and produce a show. Anything greater than 0 would be greatly appreciated.

Why we’re asking for money. Full disclosure – we usually receive a voucher for reviewing a new game. Through no lack of trying, we are now usually limited to only a single voucher per game. With a small hunk of change per month, we could purchase another code for another cast member to play said game. We miss having multiple perspectives and deeper discussions on the cast and would like to get back to that. Check our discussion on Apotheon from episode 135 for example.

TL;DR: With some money, we can buy more codes to improve our discussion and really get into some of the more nuanced discussion that we love. It should go without saying that the more codes we buy, the more support the developers receive. Circle of life. If funding gets really wild, we can even upgrade our equipment and set up in-person casts/events from time to time. Wouldn’t you love a stream of the PSNStores team basking in the Golden Age of Local Multiplayer light together, in person!?

It’s still 100% free to everyone. We don’t want to drop pay walls, content gates, or drawbridge tolls (what?), but those who can support are greatly appreciated.

For more information on our milestones and reward tiers you can view our full Patreon page here.

The PSNStores Podcast will remain and always will be free. Do you enjoy the podcast? Would you like to help make the show better? If so then consider supporting us!