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Lost Orbit Finding its way to PS4 this Year

Posted by on March 2nd, 2015 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

Canadian developers Pixelnauts are bringing their upcoming game Lost Orbit to PS4 this year. In the game, you play as Harrison, a ship’s maintenance crew worker who is flung into space after the ship is destroyed. You’re in the deep beyond and you’ve got to use gravitational and other spacely forces to make your way home. The game has been described as being a ‘dodge ’em up’, which I think is an apt way to describe what I’m looking at.

Check out the trailer above and wallow in these key game features:

  • Over 40 levels set across 4 solar systems. I’m thinking stages and worlds, here.
  • Leaderboards and speed run support. It’s going to get fast.
  • Upgrade Harrison to fit your playstyle. RPG light!

    I’ll be hands-on with Lost Orbit at PAX East this weekend. Impressions to follow.