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La-Mulana EX Bings Its Extras To Vita Next Week

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Pygmy and Rising Star Games have announced that the fiendishly hard platformer La-Mulana is set to reach western Vita owners on March 3rd in North America. Europe will get the game the following day.

A demanding of skill and patience, La-Mulana EX sees players explore archaeological ruins to discover the ultimate treasure. But it won’t be easy, as the game tests you to defeat the monsters, traps and riddles that will get in your way.

The PS Vita version already launched in Japan this past December, and adds a few new features to Nigoro’s 2005 PC classic. One of the new features is the Monster Bestiary, where you can view details of every monster you slay and character you meet. The bestiary includes a lot of previously unseen art, so it should be a treat for fans. Additionally, Pygmy have slightly tweaked the gameplay to offer a fresh experience to returning players and a less intimidating one to fresh faces. This means the signposting is improved, some of the puzzles and obstacles have been altered slightly and it’s now possible to undo the Hard Mode curse.

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