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La-Mulana Portable Whips Up a December Release in Japan

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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Playism partnered up for Indie Stream at the Tokyo Game Show last September. The event brought together developers and publishers from around the world with the intent of networking and exchanging ideas. One of the projects announced was La-Mulana Portable for PS Vita. The developers behind the port, Pygmy, expect the game to launch this December in Japan. No word on any western release news.

Players take on the role of explorer Lemeza as he adventures through the tomb within La-Mulana. The game has many paths and power ups along the way, drawing comparisons to classic Castlevania and Metroid games. Visually, La-Mulana draws inspiration from the MSX.

The tough as nails 2D platformer originally debuted on PC in 2005 before eventually finding itself remade on PC and Wii in 2011. Nigoro, the developers behind the game, launched a successful Kickstarter to fund a sequel last year. Revenue fell short of reaching the console stretch goals, but I’m sure if the Vita port of the first is successful a journey to other platforms would be possible.

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