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Humorous Orientation Trailer for Shiftlings

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Shiftlings is an upcoming puzzle-platformer from Rock Pocket Games. The game was borne during a Norwegian game jam and further developed for a March 3rd PS4 release. The orientation trailer above showcases Zookod, the host of the multi-galactic TV game show Shiftlings. Zookod will take shots at the characters and players, sometimes dropping hints as to what larger purpose their work is being done for.

You’ll be playing as two contestants who aren’t aware that their actions are being recorded and broadcasted for the enjoyment of audiences galaxy-wide. The puzzle elements revolve around the mechanic of deflating and inflating each other to press buttons, activate switches, and avoid enemies. I particularly enjoy the word FIRED being acronymized. The game also supports two player co-op.

My Thoughts

The game looks intriguing, with a bright visual aesthetic and a nifty co-operative puzzle mechanic. It reminds me a bit of Swarm in that the characters’ deaths will be a laughing point throughout the game. I have a feeling a large part of this game’s success will hinge on the effectiveness of Zookod to crack jokes and keep the player engaged. Fingers crossed for a spacely Cookie Masterson!