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Comedic Puzzle Platformer Shiftlings Due Out In Early March

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Rock Pocket Games and Sierra have set a release date for their upcoming PS4 bound puzzle platformer Shiftlings. If you’re in North America, expect to see it on the PlayStation Store on March 3rd for $14.99. Europeans are going to have to wait until March 11th. To celebrate the release announcement, Rock Pocket released the above video detailing the game’s roots as a Game Jam submission, and design methodology behind Shiftlings.

You’ll be playing as two contestants who aren’t aware that their actions are being recorded and broadcasted for the enjoyment of audiences galaxy-wide. The puzzle elements revolve around the mechanic of deflating and inflating each other to press buttons, activate switches, and avoid enemies. The game also supports two player co-op. Shiftlings features 50 levels spread over five unique worlds, with an additional 5 unlockable ones that offer a completely different experience. The above video touches briefly on them.

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