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There Won’t Be Any More Sonic 4

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The first episode of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 launched in 2010 and received a followup in 2012. With that gap of time between entries, as well as a 3-title exclusivity agreement with Nintendo, some fans hoped the retro callback could return this year. That won’t be the case according to Ken Balough, a former Sega digital brand manager. In a conversation with a fan on Facebook, Balough reveals that the Sonic 4 series was intended to be a trilogy and that unused assets found in Episode 2 were meant to tie-in to a third entry that “will likely never see the light of day.” He never goes on to state why the game was cancelled, only citing “reasons that that can’t be discussed.”

The Sonic the Hedgehog 4 duo were meant to celebrate Sonic’s history by evoking the classic Sega Genesis titles. While using polygonal visuals rather than sprites, the games attempted to deliver the left to right 2D platforming fans loved. Fan reception to that was a bit mixed, as reports of wonky psychics, poor level design and various glitches hampered excitement. In our own reviews, Eric enjoyed the first episode, though he wasn’t pleased with the second.

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