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PAX South 2015: Klaus

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The best way to describe Klaus, is a mix of Portal and Thomas Was Alone. The main protagonist, Klaus, wakes up not knowing who he is and the only thing he knows is that the name Klaus is tattooed on his arm. As the game progresses, Klaus will become self-aware of the player and begins to question who you are. This is the center piece of the narrative as Klaus tries to find out who he really is.

Klaus, is a 2D puzzle platformer with 2 playable characters. The first is Klaus, who you will be controlling the majority of the time. The second playable character is named K1, who suffered from prolonged imprisonment in a mechanical prison. K1 is a powerful brute that will be able to destroy obstacles to help the smaller Klaus traverse new areas. The two can work together as well. In some areas, K1 will be able to fling Klaus to new areas to open doors or hack terminals.

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The game uses the touchpad on PS4 (or touchscreen on PS Vita) to select and move platforms, spikes, jump pads and more. This is when Klaus becomes self-aware of the player. Exploring and breaking the 4th wall is an idea developer La Cosa will expand over the course of the game. Using the touchpad and touchscreen felt natural and did not feel like a gimmick.

The player will explore six different worlds that all take place in the building that Klaus and K1 is currently trapped in. Each world will be comprised of smaller zones and levels. La Cosa is aiming for a 6-8 hour gameplay experience that looks to challenge gameplay and narrative. Klaus will meet new characters as well as encounter boss fights.

I only played a very small slice of the 6-8 hour campaign, but I’m looking forward to how La Cosa uses the other gameplay elements and entwines them with the narrative.

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