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Suikoden II is coming to PSN on December 9th

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After many fan requests Suikoden II will finally be released as a PSOne classic this Tuesday. The game will be playable on PS3 and Vita.

The second entry of the series follows as a continuation of the story set in City-States of Jowston, where social unrest has led to a military uprising against the oppressive Highland Kingdom Military led by Prince Luca Blight. Players take on the role of Riou; a youth swept up in the politics and fighting that threatens to burn the countryside asunder. With his comrades Jowy and Nanami, Riou is tasked to recruit the 108 Stars of Destiny, heroes to stand by his side. Featuring three different battle types, mini-games and multiple endings, as well as a massive branching storyline, it’s no wonder it has earned such accolades as being one of IGN’s Top 10 RPG Storylines of all time.

Suikoden I (while already released as a PSOne classic) will also be playable on Vita as of December 9th.