PlayStation Mobile Update: December 23rd, 2014 – Ambition of the Slimes

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Here are this week’s releases on PlayStation Mobile:

Ambition of the Slimes (437円)

Publisher: altairworks
Size: 79MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: Japanese

(This game is only available in Japan. The following description is from its Google Play listing.)

The world was about to be ruined.

A brutal family called the “human” appeared and almost obtained the world.
They burnt the forest and polluted water and the sky.
They were very tyrannical.
It is almost the day when the world is ruined.

And they pointed the blade to us who did not have hostility.
We who did not have great power only merely waited for extinction.

But We understood that we could take over their body when we were in the body of the human from trifling chance once.

Slimes counterattack began.

The flow is orthodox simulation RPG turn system.
But it is slime that you operate.
And this slime takes over an enemy and can control the enemy freely.

They can use the bow if they take over a bow soldier, and magic is usable if they take over a magician.
Or they can bewilder an enemy with a bribe if they take over a merchant.

In addition, slimes have many kinds.
Some of them can warp.
Some of them can improve the ability of the enemy who was taken over.
Some of them …

With which slime, which enemy do you take over?
In addition, how do you take it over?
You can make the much tactics and it becomes the element which is very important to the capture.
The degree of difficulty might be high, so you cannot win only by charging at random.
The tactics that you make becomes very important.

This appearance is soft and comfortable, but, please challenge chewy this world. And let’s regain the peaceful world!

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Appli Archives Jaleco Momoko 1200% ($0.49)

Publisher: Hamster Corporation
Size: 20MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: Japanese

“Appli Archives” allows you to play classic mobile games on PlayStation Mobile compatible devices.
From here on, we plan on releasing more series of titles for “Appli Archives”, so please stay tuned!

There are two titles all together. They are listed below:
-Momoko 1200% Prequel
-Momoko 1200% Sequel

Please note the following:
*The game’s contents will remain in Japanese.
*Since the game applications are ported as they were before, sounds and graphics may sometimes feel dated.
*Depending on the title, previous functions may not be accessible.

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Ega ($0.49)

Publisher: Simone Serra
Size: 33MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: English

Collect all the Targets while you protect the Follower with the Shield! Requires the simultaneous use of traditional controls and the front or rear touch screen.

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Figure ($1.79)

Publisher: slapsticKsoftware
Size: 66MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: Japanese

The language to support is only Japanese.

This game is 5 short stories.
This game is not contain BGM.
A number of choice is little.

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Solbrain XI – Island ($4.29)

Publisher: B.P.
Size: 199MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: English/Various

Chan control by this fantastic game and find all the crystals. Explore the beautiful graphics and constructions the shortest possible time.

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The following games received an update, price change or a release in new markets:

1 Chicken 2 Bullets (Blackjack21)
agRAVe KEY MIND C (AGrave)
Flappy 2048 (Adrian Aymont)
Flight World Simulator (Johan Valfridsson)
Front Wars: World War II Turn-Based Strategy Game (Homemade Games)
Jaggy Race! (Tiziano Bizzini)
Musync (Inferno…)
The Game Lab Project (Blackjack21)
UFO Dad (Edit Mode)