Mojang Partners Up With Telltale For Minecraft: Story Mode

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If LEGO can get a movie, virtual LEGO can get a narrative driven adventure game, or at least I think that’s the mindset behind Minecraft: Story Mode, a new game from Mojang and Telltale. Set in the universe of the popular sandbox builder, Minecraft: Story Mode is a standalone title hitting PlayStation platforms sometime in 2015. The adventure game will introduce new characters and familiar themes, but will be an entirely original Minecraft experience.

“People really like the idea of stories about Minecraft, but forcing a narrative into our core game experience would restrict players’ freedom to view the world in their own unique ways. Instead, letting them explore an alternate interpretation via Minecraft: Story Mode, driven by the proven might of Telltale, seems like a no-brainer,” said Owen Hill, Chief Word Officer at Mojang. “We’re big fans of Telltale Games at Mojang, and we can’t wait to reveal more details on Story Mode soon.”

Mojang announced the collaboration through Info Quest II, a choice driven conversation game between Minecraft’s Steve and a Mojang employee. It’s a nice tease for the sort of gameplay one could expect to see in Minecraft: Story Mode, though I’m sure Telltale’s product will be wildly different.

  • Freelance

    I wish TT would go back and get licenses from lesser known properties to make games from.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      RIP Sam & Max

    • Freelance

      Actually, I’m actually glad they stopped making mew Sam and Max games. Three seasons is more than enough, IMO, not to mention that while I did like those games, they’re still somewhat below Hit the Road and the TV show in quality.

      I’m kinda sad they didn’t make more seasons of MI and BttF though. Now BttF was one such lesser known property (in this day and age) that TT did well with. It’s awesome that they chose that franchise..