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Tiny Troopers Joint Ops Gets a New ESRB Trailer

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The tiny arcade shooter coming from Wired Productions got a new trailer today in a post on the PlayStation.Blog. It showcases the multitude of modes you’ll be playing when the game hits. Check it out here:

If you couldn’t catch everything in that video, they explained all of them in text format as well:

  • Eliminate All Enemy Targets – Destroy all marked enemy targets, this could include enemy infantry or specific buildings / structures.
  • Destroy All Vehicles – Destroy all marked vehicles within the specified map.
  • Destroy Missile Batteries – Destroy all the Missile Batteries within the specified map.
  • Eliminate Enemy Infantry – Eliminate all the enemy infantry within the specified map.
  • Protect The Journalists – Escort all friendlies from point A to point B. Should all the group get eliminated, the mission will end in failure.
  • Destroy Enemy Barracks – Destroy all the enemy infantry barracks within the specified map.
  • Survival – Survive against wave attacks, including both infantry and zombies!
  • Timed – Complete various mission objectives in the specified time.

They also confirmed the price and date for the game; it will release on October 28 for $7.99. It comes out simultaneously on PS3 and Vita, and will be cross-buy and cross-save supported.  Will you be picking up Tiny Troopers in 2 weeks? Let us know in the comments below.