PlayStation Mobile Update: September 9th 2014 – Mugogy Jump, Dodgecube, and more

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Here are this week’s releases on PlayStation Mobile:

Jaggy Race! (Tiziano Bizzini) – $5.99
Spinning Squares (B. P.) – $6.99
Breakout (B. P.) – $4.29
Rainoxplosion (ptt) – $0.49
Drop Baby (B. P.) – $4.29
CROSS JUMP (slapsticKsoftware) – $2.29
Mugogy Jump (1 Simple Idea) – $0.99
Ball 8 (B. P.) – $4.29
Shooter Speed (B. P.) – $4.29
Fly Speed (B. P.) – $4.29
Fruit Space (B. P.) – $4.29
Dodgecube (Garrison Davis) – $2.99
Cards (B. P.) – $4.29

The following games received updates:

Snake (Carrot Creations)
Happy (B. P.)
MUSYNC (Inferno…)
Sakura Flow (Like a Falcon)
Flappig 3D (Fraktal~Design)

  • Chris

    B. P. all the releases.

  • Devin Hudson

    Mugogy Jump looks pretty cool, especially for just $1. Rainboxplosion looks interesting, though I’m not sure if it’s an actual game or not.

    And while all of those B. P. games look like horribly overpriced clones of other games, I was still considering getting that Ball 8 game since it reminds me of that Labyrinth game that came out a while back. But it says it doesn’t use the motion sensor, which is where all the fun comes from in playing a game like that (it could just be an oversight in the description, but I’m not willing to spend $4.29 to find out).

  • Freelance

    Weird. All the B.P games are available in Canada except for Ball 8 and Shooter Speed. Rainoxplosion is not there either,

    What exactly was updated for Snake? I’ve been meaning to get that game for a while but never did get it.

  • John Smith

    The B. P games fantastic very good. Extreme quality graphics.

    • Oh B.P. You sly dog you, you can’t fool me.