PlayStation Mobile Update: September 3rd 2014 – Bloodred Wyvern 2

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Here are this week’s releases on PlayStation Mobile:


Agus Adventure ($0.49)

Publisher: Zeshan Sajid
Size: 41MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: English

As featured on Crackberry.com!

Agu has crashed down to Earth; Agu has no energy to fly back to his homeland. Help Agu return back to his homeland. However, Agu is an alien, unlike humans he is allergic to fruit! Agu can only get his energy by eating cookies…nom nom!

Tap on your device to help Agu fly back home, collecting cookies for energy and avoiding fruit. On the way collect Power Ups to gain superpowers such as super speed, armor, Agu Blast and second chance!

Use cookies to purchase cookies from the store to give yourself an edge over your friends, and most importantly beat there high score distance!

Agus Adventure Features:

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Bloodred Wyvern 2 ($0.99)

Size: 21MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: Japanese

Bloodred Wyvern 2 is an arcade style third-person rail shooter game. The player must fly the Wyvern and shoot down the enemies! Experience the 7 stages!

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Escape from Hell ($1.79)

Publisher: Iasagi Strife
Size: 25MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: English (+15 others)

This game is a runner that has you escaping Hell itself.

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Hide ‘n’ Zebra! ($0.99)

Publisher: Lavabean
Size: 78MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: English

After returning home from Alphabet Island…Ava and Shiver decide to play a game of hide and seek. How many times can YOU find Shiver?

Explore the house with simple one touch controls.
Count along with Ava!

Keep track of your high scores locally while challenging your friends and family!

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IronTowerDefense ($4.79)

Publisher: Z-D
Size: 836MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: English

Classic tower defense

Build defensive towers to defend against armies of enemies.

You have 6 different towers
Each tower is unique and is designed for different tasks.

Different enemies with different characteristics.
A variety of cards and decorations.

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Lucilla in the Dark (Free)

Publisher: mufti 1975
Size: 8MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: German/English/French

Lucilla in the Dark, or the transformation of the woman to ball … Lucilla’s only way to survive is to transform itself into a ball and jump for her life. Sounds strange, but it is so. Lucilla is motion sensitive and also responds to buttons … you choose which way to free Lucilla? The game is free-to-play, Lucilla can survive all 10 levels as ‘Default-Ball’ and escape the clutches of evil. If you want to see Lucilla in another ball-shapes you can buy other unique balls.

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Storm Ship Shiro ($0.49)

Publisher: Lindsay Cox
Size: 113MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: English

Storm Ship Shiro is a twist on the classic shoot-em-up. When your world is destroyed there is only one thing you can do. Survive. Take control of the Shiro and fight through the Plume armada or test your might in Survival Mode and see how long you can last against an endless wave of enemies.

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Slow-mo dodgers ($6.99)

Publisher: E_Shi_games
Size: 112MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: English/Russian

Your hero – a relaxed body (ragdoll), which can fly freely in the sky. You are constantly moving forward in the level. The bad guys are shooting at you. Your task – to dodge bullets as long as possible.
You can also shoot the villains, but it requires get the hand, because it is necessary to tilt the body so that the hand with the gun turned out to be where it is necessary, and shoot. Find your own style of play get best score and become the master of slow-mo!
1. Constant slow-mo. The whole process of the game takes place in slow motion.
2. The uniqueness of situations. During the game, the landscape and enemies are randomly generated.
3. Slow-mo effects. The rotation of the bullets, air trajectory of their flight fire gunpowder when a shot and some other nice things.

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Purine Block (52円)

Publisher: PenguinGames
Size: 74MB
Players: 1 Player
IAP: Unknown
Languages: English/Japanese



It’s some kind of puzzle game.

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  • Maggard

    Which are worth considering to purchase?

  • Freelance

    Several of those aren’t available in Canada, such as Bloodred Wyvern 2. The first game isn’t even here too, I think.