PlayStation Mobile Update: September 16th 2014 – Flight World Simulator

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Here are this week’s releases on PlayStation Mobile:

Steam Lands (B.P.) – $4.29
Pong Breaker (Warren GASPARD) – $1.79
Inflatable Maths (CooplySolutions) – $4.29
Solbrain I – Village (B.P.) – $7.49
Flight World Simulator (Johan Valfridsson) – $4.49
One Image Viewer (MMA) – $1.49

The following games received updates:

Helicopter (Carrot Creations)
COSMOS (Coderion)
Raptor – RPG (Stephen Allen)
Behind You (Satoshi Hamano)

  • J. Smitch

    Fantastic game Solbrain IVillage very good scenery and beautiful grafias!!!

  • Freelance

    Flight World Simulator looks pretty interesting! Anyone tried it?

    • Freelance

      This game is very cool. It’s probably the very first flight sim ever for a handheld/console, and it’s the largest PSM game to date, clocking it at 1GB.