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Minecraft PS4 Edition Hitting the PlayStation Store Tomorrow

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If you haven’t gotten your Minecraft fix by now, you’ll be happy to know that it is hitting the PS Store for PS4 digitally tomorrow. By tomorrow, they mean before 12pm Pacific time.

Brian Silva goes as far to call it the ‘ultimate Minecraft experience’ because it features worlds about 36 times larger than the PS3 version. If you started a world on the PS3 and wanted to continue on your adventure, don’t fret. PS3 Minecrafters can import their saves to the PS4 version and continue right where they left off. Players of the old version can upgrade to the PS4 version for $4.99, and new players can jump in at $19.99, but for more specific cases Sony has provided a nice looking table. Take a look:

Case Price
For Existing PS3 Edition Owners (Disc or Digital) On the PS4, simply log into PlayStation Store and find Minecraft PS4 Edition, and you’ll be able purchase the upgrade for $4.99.Note: This entitlement applies to everyone who’s bought Minecraft PS3 Edition (Disc or Digitally) with a saved game and signed into their PS4 console using the same SEN account.
About to Purchase Minecraft PS3 Edition (Digital) On the PS3, purchase Minecraft PS3 Edition for $19.99. Once you have made the purchase, you’ll be able to upgrade to the PS4 Edition for $4.99.
About to Purchase Minecraft PS3 Edition (Disc) Those joining the Minecraft experience through disc purchase should find a voucher packed in with an entitlement code. If you have any questions, please reach out on @AskPlayStation on Twitter or our official Customer Support channel.

Down in the comments section, more was revealed about the game and the PS Vita version as well. Brian said that the Vita version will be cross buy with the PS3 version, any DLC you own on the PS3 will be transferred over to the PS4, there will be a physical copy but no date yet, and to confirm the game will be hitting Canada tomorrow as well.

Are you excited for tomorrow’s release of Minecraft or have you had your fix of mining on PS3 and other consoles? Let us know in the comments below.

What I think:

When it comes to games on a console, the more the better. I’ll probably drop the 5 dollars on the PS4 version just to try it out for a bit and see how much fun I can have with it. But on a more business side of things I think Minecraft being on the PS4 will bump up the install base significantly; which means more great games for all of us to love and enjoy.