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Sony Ends PlayStation Home Service In Asia

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PlayStation Home, the vision to bring a social gaming experience to PlayStation 3 is coming to an end … at least in Asia. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia have announced that service for their regions will cease in March 2015. Virtual items will no longer be sold after September 24th of this year. The closure in Asia isn’t much of a surprise given releases of new content ended as early as September of last year in some markets.

This announcement is just for Asia. PlayStation Home fans in North America and Europe will still have support from Sony for the time being.

As of March 2013, Sony boasted that the free-to-download social network, which launched in 2008, had surpassed 31 million users globally.

To be honest, I never really used PlayStation Home. It just seemed like an oddity with a clunky interface. To me it provided a service that had been surpassed by more well-known social networks and the built in network connectivity of the hardware itself. Given the Sony management that created the service is long gone, it’s not a surprise that Home doesn’t seemed primed for a PS4 and/or Vita debut. That said, I am sad to see the signs of an eventual total shutdown. I may not have taken to PlayStation Home, but a lot of people did.

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