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PlayStation Home v1.86 introduces trophies

Posted by on March 10th, 2014 | 6 Comments | Tags:

The Community Manager over at PlayStation Europe tweeted earlier that the new update to PlayStation Home (v1.86) will introduce trophies when it arrives this Wednesday. The full trophy list and details will be announced at that time as well.

The trophies will be retroactive. We will update this post Wednesday when more information is released.

UPDATE: Trophies!!!

BronzeWelcome Home
Log in to PlayStation®Home

BronzeA Place to Call My Own
Visit your Harbor Studio apartment

BronzeInterior Designer
Use 15 unique, purchased or rewarded furniture items in an apartment

SilverWherever I Lay My Hat
Own 3 purchased or rewarded apartments or clubhouses

BronzeFresh Threads
Own 15 purchased or rewarded clothing items

SilverBrand New Toy
Own 3 purchased or rewarded portable items

SilverNice Gadget!
Own 15 purchased or rewarded furniture or active items

BronzeA New You
Changeh item of clothing individually on a male or female avatar

BronzeA Documentary
Take a photo on 10 different days

BronzeWelcome Guest
Visit a friend’s apartment

BronzeGrand Explorer
Visit 20 unique spaces

GoldThere’s No Place Like Home
Visit PlayStation®Home on 50 different days

BronzeBorn to Dance
Perform 5 of the default dances