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Ray’s the Dead hits Kickstarter

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Flash back to E3 2013. Sony had just announced the PlayStation 4 at the start of the week and their showroom floor was buzzing with indies like Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Secret Ponchos (where are you?!) and a little playable PS4 demo for Ray’s the Dead. As was the case with the rest of these stellar PlayStation indie titles, Ray’s the Dead was accompanied by members of it’s development team Ragtag Studio.

Flash forward to present day and Ray’s the Dead is still in development and unreleased on PlayStation 4. The studio has just undergone a substantial shift in location as some members have moved about the country. It’s now time to fund this puppy and get the veritable ball rolling.

Enter the Ray’s the Dead Kickstarter. From today until September 21st, Ragtag Studio is seeking a bit of monetary assistance for the development process. And who doesn’t love the ability to buy a game for less than retail price? The 72-hour Early Bird tier will be up for… well, the first 72 hours, and gets you a copy of the $20 game for just $12 along with an exclusive Kickstarter Ray skin and your name in the credits.

I did it. I did it because I remember playing the game back at E3 2013 and how much fun it was. Sure, it crashed while I was playing, but so did Disney Infinity and a few others. Ray’s the Dead had a great look and feel to it that seemed to remind me of games I’d played before, and at the same time felt very fresh. If only I had $2500…

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