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E3 2013: Eight Indies coming to PS4, Three Free With Plus

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Now that the theatrics are all said and done we can begin to get excited for things to come. Below are a bevy of things, more specifically indie games, destined for release on PlayStation 4. Of course, it’s too early to say or even speculate when exactly these titles will hit the new and improved PlayStation Store on PS4.

Three of these games were announced to be made free-to-play with PS Plus on PS4 when everything is released later this year. We’ve played them and overall had a great experience. Browse the trailers and read the personalized descriptions to discover something other than Call of Duty in your future. Tell us which games intrigued you most out of this year’s E3 attendees in the comments section below.

Oddworld: New & Tasty | Just Add Water

Just Add Water (J.A.W.) is working its HD magic on the original PlayStation One Classic and calling it Oddworld: New & Tasty. This original redone for PS3 and PS4 features Abe running, jumping, button pressing, farting, and saving the enslaved denizens of a mysterious meat packing facility serving up a familiar tasting meat.

Ray’s the Dead | Ragtag Studio

I got my grubby hands on Ray’s the Dead and that gloriously tight feeling DualShock 4 and I gotta say, Ray is delightful and just fun to play. In its E3 state, the game was rough around the edges with some sections having spotty framerate especially if you managed to get to one cop-encrusted street with a large posse of zombies in tow.

Follow Ray and his glowy hat on a mission to remember/discover how he died. While the plot sounded deathly similar to the recent zombie romantic comedy Warm Bodies, I’m hopeful playing the final build of Ray’s the Dead will find an original path.

Mercenary Kings | Tribute Games

Another game Chris and I had the pleasure of playing at E3 2013 in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, there were few games we didn’t play. Mercenary Kings is more than what you think it is. On the surface, it appears to be a Metal Slug clone. But what you don’t see is the lengthy missions, massively complex level structure, and 4 player mayhem that ensues when four total strangers are trying to cooperatively find hostages in a strange pixelated world while sharing a pool of lives and feeling the rising pressure of a tick tock countdown clock.

Outlast | Red Barrels

Oh boy! Outlast was just pure unadulterated fun. Especially just to watch others play it. Chris twitched just a bit during the scripted shock moments, as did I. You can’t shelter your natural reaction to a body that suddenly falls in front of you upon opening the door. Traversing the decrepit halls of a hospital of sorts with very little light and nothing more than your camera’s night vision mode when the lights go out, even the great Sid Shuman might murmur “hold me.”

Secret Ponchos | Switchblade Monkeys

Secret Ponchos was one I really wanted to play, but there was always someone playing. It’s a two-player split screen top down/isometric view shooter with a serious cowboy fetish.

Transistor | Supergiant Games

Supergiant Games comes from a previous indie sensation called Bastion. With Transistor, they aim to tackle the sci-fi action RPG genre with a level of caution in directing their development efforts on just PS4 and PS via Steam. They value quality in their work and it’s devs like Supergiant Games that are capable of releasing a game unpatched on day one. Transistor got a lot of attention at E3 with a live on-stage demo within the Sony booth and an entire room filled with Transistor kiosks alone.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch | Young Horses

By far, the only game at E3 that got intentional laughs. Octodad is one of the funniest games I’ve ever seen and will make you think either the person playing just really sucks at games or the game is insanely difficult to control. Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a bit of both, as the hilarity will cripple even the most seasoned gamer into thinking they suck at games. Again, being at E3 with so many people from different parts of the world and watching them play Octodad was the most fun I have had maybe since watching Grandma’s Boy for the very first time.

Galak-Z | 17-bit

Unfortunately, this game was not present on the E3 showroom floor in Sony’s booth or anywhere. We got up close to the game’s creator playing it on the Sony conference stage and you can see that in the video. From that, the game looks great. We’ve had quite a few innovative shooters on both Vita and PS3 over PSN. From Sine Mora to Retro Grade, there are a lot of choices currently. It’s comforting to see a new IP and indie dev coming to PS4.