PlayStation Mobile Update: August 6th 2014 – Behind You

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Here are this week’s releases on PlayStation Mobile:

On Call ($2.99) – A seasoned officer is retaking his ‘Call”, as he has trouble with new protocols.
Flappig 3D ($2.49) – Flappig is now prepared to fly in a 3D world! (Flappy bird clone)
La charte: Protect the Whale ($0.49) – Have fun discovering the convention conduct of humpback whales!
Behind You ($3.49) – Sneak into various buildings occupied by a terrorist cell to rescue your family!

  • Chris

    Had to change the way we do this post. Since new releases aren’t on the Tablet store anymore it is a pain to get screens off the Vita. Unless I can find an easier way, these posts will now only be text

    • Flickr not working well anymore definitely doesn’t help. I normally email screens to my email and go from there